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Roguelikes are traditionally procedurally generated RPGs in the mould of Rogue, with turn-based interactions in a grid-based environment, where levels are procedurally generated each playthrough and death is permanent.

In 2005, after years of seeing developers struggle to release their grandiose projects, the roguelike community established a yearly event, the 7DRL Challenge, in which they were challenged to create a roguelike in seven days. It has since been done yearly, during a week in early March. 

These 7DRL Challenges are NOT about being a fast coder, but rather proving you can release a finished, playable roguelike to the world. There is no winner of the challenge, but rather all those who finish are honoured for their work, the criterion is completeness.

There are many interpretations of what a roguelike is which may serve as a guidance. However 7DRLs may bend of even break these interpretations in the name of Innovation. 

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Existing 7DRLs

The first 7DRL Challenge had 9 successful entries, thru the years there has been a growing number of games submitted, and along with them a process to try and pick the most interesting ones.

To date, there have been thirteen annual 7DRL challenges. 

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You can find about the challenge at Roguebasin

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